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TOGAF Certification Training - TOGAF 9 Level 1 and 2 Combined Online Course plus TOGAF Exams

Become certified at your own pace!

Our TOGAF Certification Training Course has been designed to help you understand and apply TOGAF in practice. A TOGAF exam preparation guide and a downloadable self-study TOGAF book are included, which will help you prepare for the TOGAF exam and ensure an optimal outcome! With our TOGAF eLearning option, you can decide when to learn, and where, without having to spend time and money on traveling.

The TOGAF 9 Level 1 eLearning Course, TOGAF 9 Level 2 eLearning Course, TOGAF 9 Level 1 Exam, TOGAF 9 Level 2 Exam, TOGAF Study Guide and a Digital Copy of the TOGAF 9.1 Standard are included in this course.
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Course Details

Certificate: TOGAF 9.1 Certified

Duration: 30 Hours

Domain: Enterprise Architecture

Delivery Method: e-Learning + Exam voucher 

Accreditation: The Open Group

Available Languages: English

Purchase Options: Pay per use Courseware

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Our TOGAF Certification Training is a 30 hour, 20 module, online learning experience that covers TOGAF Level 1 & Level 2. The course incorporates active, animated displays and full audio to make learning fun and engaging. This enables better understanding and application of concepts learned in the course. It is accessible on multiple devices including the iPad. The course also includes:
• Free online TOGAF study guide
• Receive a digital copy of the TOGAF 9.1 standard

TOGAF Level 1 + TOGAF Level 2 + TOGAF

Exams = Best Path to Success

The TOGAF Certification Training will cover both the TOGAF Foundation (Level 1) and TOGAF Practitioner (Level 2). The TOGAF foundation level training ensures knowledge and understanding of the terminology, basic concepts and the core principles of TOGAF. The TOGAF practitioner level training focuses on implementation, enabling professionals to analyze and apply TOGAF in practice.

The TOGAF Exams will verify that you have learned the concepts and are ready make decisions using TOGAF. The TOGAF exams (level 1 and 2) are included in the price of the course.

Comprise of

  • e-learning
  • One year access

What Will You Learn?

Individuals certified at this level will have demonstrated their understanding of:

  • The basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF
  • The core concepts and terminology used in TOGAF 9.1
  • The concept of the Enterprise Continuum; its purpose and constituent parts of the TOGAF
  • certification program.
  • The ADM guidelines and techniques
  • How each of the ADM phases contributes to the success of Enterprise Architecture
  • Understand and apply the ADM phases in development of an Enterprise Architecture
  • How Architecture Governance contributes to the Architecture Development Cycle
  • How to apply Architecture Governance in the development of an Enterprise Architecture
  • How to apply the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
  • Understand and apply the concept of Building Blocks
  • How to apply the Stakeholder Management Technique
  • How to apply the TOGAF Content Metamodel
  • How to apply the TOGAF recommended techniques when developing an Enterprise Architecture
  • The TOGAF Technical Reference Model and how to customize it to meet an organization’s needs
  • The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
  • The content of the key deliverables of the ADM cycle
  • How an Enterprise Architecture can be partitioned to meet the specific needs of an organization
  • The purpose of the Architecture Repository
  • How to apply iteration and different levels of architecture with the ADM
  • How to adapt the ADM for security
  • SOA as a style of architecture
  • The role of Architecture Maturity Models in developing an Enterprise Architecture
  • The purpose of the Architecture Skills Framework and how to apply it within an organization


  • Individuals who require a deeper understanding of TOGAF 9.1, e.g., System Integrators, Operational,
  • Business and IT developers, CIO’s and IT Managers, Program and Project Leaders, IT Specialists,
  • and Architects
  • Professionals who are working in an organization where TOGAF 9.1 has been adopted and who
  • need to participate in architecture projects and initiatives
  • Architects who will be responsible for developing architecture artifacts
  • Architects who wish to introduce TOGAF 9.1 into an architecture practice
  • Architects who want to achieve a recognized qualification to demonstrate their detailed knowledge of
  • TOGAF 9.1

Modules Covered in Course

  • Course Introduction
  • Enterprise Architecture – An introduction
  • TOGAF 9.1 – An introduction
  • The Architecture Development Method
  • Adapting TOGAF to the context
  • Architecture principles and requirements
  • Architecture vision
  • Stakeholder management and risk management
  • Security Architecture
  • Enterprise integration and service oriented architecture
  • Architecture patterns
  • Enterprise continuum and architecture repository
  • Architecture content framework
  • Business architecture phase
  • Information systems architecture
  • Technology architecture
  • Transition planning
  • Building the organizational capability
  • Architecture governance
  • The architect

Exam Facts

Level 1

 Delivery  Online 
 Format  Closed Book
 Proctoring  Web-Proctored
 Duration  60 minutes
 No. of Questions    40 simple multiple choice questions (1 mark per question)
 Pass Grade  55%

Level 2

 Delivery  Online 
 Format  Open Book
 Proctoring  Web-Proctored
 Duration  90 minutes
 No. of Questions    8 complex multiple choice and scenario based questions 
 Pass Grade  60%

Level 1 and 2 Combination Exam (details):

This examination consists of two separate sections. 

  • The TOGAF 9.1 Part 1 is CLOSED Book. 
  • TheTOGAF 9.1 Part 2, Section 2 is OPEN book. (Note at Prometric test centers an electronic copy of the specification is built into the test and becomes available in Part 2 only).

Time limit: 150 Minutes total. Each section has a maximum time limit as follows: 

  • 60 Minutes on TOGAF 9.1 Part 1 and 
  • 90 Minutes on TOGAF 9.1 Part 2. 

Once you complete the TOGAF 9.1, Part 1 section, you cannot return to it.

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For Detailed Information Refer to the Course Fact Sheet and Course Brochure

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All ITpreneurs TOGAF courses are officially accredited with the Open Group.
TOGAF® and TOGAF® 9.1 are registered trademarks of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.


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