XBRL Foundation eLearning Course + Exam

This course has been developed for Professionals who want to become trained and certified in XBRL, the global electronic business reporting standard. The course includes the XBRL Foundation eLearning and the XBRL Exam.
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Course Details

Certificate: XBRL Foundation

Duration: 10 Hours

Delivery Method: Self-Paced eLearning

Available Languages: English

Purchase Options: Pay per use Courseware



The ITpreneurs XBRL Foundation eLearning course is the best learning path for professionals who work in accounting and finance to learn the essentials of XBRL from both a business and technical perpective.

The course ensures that you understand how this reporting standard can be leveraged to improve business and financial reporting. Completion of this online course enables you to understand:

  • The essentials of XBRL
  • Tagging, taxonomies and instance documents
  • The impact XBRL has on the business reporting chain

Foundation eLearning + Exam = XBRL Certified

This course has been designed to introduce you to the broad picture of XBRL, and provide you with the knowlegde and confidence to make the right decisions using the XBRL taxonomies. The course ensures that you understand how this reporting standard can be leveraged to improve business and financial reporting. After completion of the course, you will take the exam to become officially certified by the XBRL International, Inc (XII). As an XBRL Certified Professional, you will successfully facilitate XBRL projects by providing stakeholders with the knowlegde and understanding of XBRL architecture and its key components.

Comprise of

  • eLearning Modules
  • Full lifetime access
  • PDUs

What Will You Learn?

At the end of this course, learners will understand:

  • Data exchange formats in the electronic business reporting process (informational and operational reporting, standards and proprietary solutions).
  • Challenges of electronic communication of business data and how they are addressed by the XBRL standard.
  • Application of XBRL in different reporting scenarios with reference to existing international and national projects.
  • XBRL standard development and governance (key milestones, organization and supporters).
  • XBRL specifications and their coverage of business-reporting-related functionalities.
  • XBRL architecture: relation between taxonomies and instance documents.
  • XBRL taxonomy content: declaration of business concepts, purpose and semantics of various linkbases.
  • Content of XBRL instance documents: Contexts, fact values and footnotes.
  • Integration of XBRL in the business reporting chain: Impact of XBRL implementation on data collection, transfer, validation, storage and subsequent usage.


  • Finance Staff members who have direct responsibility for implementing XBRL filing requirements.
  • CFOs, Controllers, External Reporting Managers 
  • XBRL Implementation Project Managers
  • XBRL Consultants
  • Analysts and Investors who want to streamline their professional work
  • System Architects, Application Designers and Developers who facilitate solutions

Modules Covered in Course

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to the Electronic Business Reporting Environment
  • XBRL as an Electronic Business Reporting Standard
  • Architecture of the XBRL Standard and Its Key Components
  • Building Blocks and Functionalities of an XBRL Taxonomy and Instance Document
  • Electronic Business Reporting Supply Chain and XBRL Implementation

Exam Facts

 Delivery  Online 
 Format  Closed Book
 Proctoring  Web-Proctored
 Duration  60 minutes
 No. of Questions    40 multiple choice questions (1 mark per question)
 Pass Grade  70%

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