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How DASA Competence Framework Helps Advance DevOps Skills

Date 11/04/2016
Duration minutes
Host(s) Laurens Gunneweg, ITpreneurs and Rik Farenhorst, DevOps Expert
Time 60

Adoption of DevOps can result in creating high-performing IT organizations. Successful adoption requires cultural change and acquiring certain competencies. The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) has defined a competency framework for DevOps. Watch this webinar and you’ll learn

  • What does the DASA competence framework include
  • The DASA DevOps Agile Skills Qualification Scheme
  •  How training and consulting companies can join DASA to advance the development of DevOps skills for their clients

IT organizations that are going to adopt DevOps need to evaluate what skills and knowledge are required to be present in the teams. The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) has developed a competency framework on DevOps and Agile. Based on member case studies in real-life organizations, the first version of DASA’s competence framework has recently been drafted. Organizations can utilize that to assess their current DevOps competency gaps. Training and consulting providers can help their clients build successful DevOps teams by closing the competence gaps.

ITpreneurs is one of the forerunner organizations for DASA. DASA is an independent and open member association aiming at bringing together a global community for DevOps & Agile skills development made up of member organizations representing leading IT thought leaders both from consulting and training fields from over a dozen countries across six continents. DASA is providing all IT training and consulting organizations with a relevant qualification scheme that reflects the competence development related challenges around DevOps and Agile Skills Development. Adding DASA portfolio in your training delivery is easy.

Webinar Recording